Hello! I am an artist and illustrator from and living in New York City. I studied Printmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design and now I am freelance illustrating as well as painting and collaging, from my studio in Manhattan. As a child of the city, I am influenced by the ever-changing street style, the chic dog, the classic bag lady, the rummaging rat, the frazzled commuters, the deli classics, the latest craze, and the distinctive neighborhoods. 

I have been studying ceramics for 6 years at Greenwich Pottery House and I enjoy making primarily vases and bowls based on what I have seen on my trips to Southwest and Morocco. 

Currently, I am working on a cartoon book with my brilliant writer friend, Sam Wagner as well as making greeting cards for sale!

If you have an question, comments or you would like to hire me! please feel free to contact me at pderoussydesales@gmail.com


Clients Include: Vogue, Bobbi Brown, Dig Inn, Marc Jacobs, Hopp Shoes, The New Stand, WeWorks, MiniFix Makeup, Tribe de Mama Magazine, Court Tree Collective, Koan, Artemis Design Co., Swagger New York, House of Terrance, Nanushka, Amelia Brown Studios